You can call me…uuumh…superwoman! I have worn a lot of different hats; from science writing, data journalism, blogging and digital marketing to copywriting, audio and print production. I am extremely passionate, self-motivated, organized and disciplined. No matter where I have been, I have produced top-notch work because I pride myself on my ability to recognize and articulate a distinct voice for every project. While writing is my passion, corporate communication is my bread and butter.Go ahead connect with me on LinkedIn

Here are a few highlights of my achievements (pre-2016):

  • In 2013, I trained for radio broadcasting for a couple of months at the Multi Media University. This was the most exciting and bold move I had ever made. It was my second year in campus and the yearn for change and novelty was eating into my sanity. So I tried radio, yet I had never stepped into a broadcasting class; was pursuing Print Journalism.  Listening to my first audio clip now,..I’m rolling on the floor with laughter. Enjoy!

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  • Excellent writing and editing skills honed over many years in print journalism and corporate communications; from press releases to newsletters to audio scripts and web sites.

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